Wiring & Pick Ups

Where do we start! Wiring can be simple, wiring can be complex. Finding the problem associated with your wiring can be a very frustrating process.  Often problems can stem from cheap parts, over heating (from soldier iron) cold soldier joints, worn out parts, and many more fails. A complete diagnostic test is performed to truly determine the problem you are facing with your wiring.  With so many years experience with wiring guitars we have seen a million different scenarios. And, if you are seeking a personal wiring idea we can most likely perform that dream for you on your current guitar or custom build.

Wiring Services Provided At Our Guitar Repair Shop

Let’s talk about the endless possibilities of how to wire your guitar and pickup configurations.  There are a wide range of scenarios and ways to wire your guitar, including in-phase, out-of-phase, coil tapping, kill switch, push pull pots, combinations of pickups, styles of switches and more!

Working on pickup repair and replacement every day provides us a wonderful advantage on helping you. With so many years of experience in this area we have heard many pickup varieties, including Ron Ellis, Seymour Duncan, Bare Knuckles, Lollar, Lindy Fralin and many more. We can help lead you in the right direction of making that crucial decision .

Here at Rod Miller Guitars we can repair your wiring and help you make the best decision for what sound you need to get out of your instrument .

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