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Having the right size and properly working frets on your guitar or bass can have a major impact on the tone and play-ability of your instrument. Issues like buzzing or fretting out, sharp edges and lose frets all will impact the performance and sound.

There are several areas of Fret Work that we focus on:

Fret Level

A fret level is needed when you have frets that are buzzing or fretting out. One of the first things we look for before we perform any work on your frets and neck is to make sure your guitar’s truss rod has the right tension. If the truss rod is doing its job and we determine that your neck is straight (using specific tools to measure each area of your guitar’s neck) we then inspect the frets and determine if they need to be leveled, crowned and polished. The instrument may need to be re-fretted. This depends on how much fret is left from wear or previous fret leveling .

You will notice that most electric guitars will have a lower action, especially compared to acoustic guitars. If the frets appear to be level, and in good shape, this may indicate that simply raising the bridge is all that is needed to alleviate string buzz.



A re-fret is needed when the frets are worn out or the wrong size for your style of playing. In some cases the frets may be too low or have worn spots directly underneath the strings. At this time it is best to pick the exact frets you want. It is also best time to re-plane (level out by sanding) the fret board itself.

After years of string tension and playing, fret boards tend to get high and low spots. When removing frets they usually need to be heated first. The removal process must be handled with precision care. Now comes the very precise leveling of the fret board, which process is done by sanding. After leveling the fret board you need to re-slot the fret slots.  Now your ready to start re-fretting the board that is perfectly leveled.

All frets must be glued in the fret board or future problems will come back to haunt you. Last touch of work is a very light fret level, followed by crown and polish. This re-fret will improve the play-ability and sound of your instrument for years to come!