Set Ups At Our Guitar Repair Shop

What exactly is a guitar set up?  Well, consider a set up of your valued instrument similar to visiting your doctor or dentist!  A set up is the examination and necessary work to your instrument that keeps your guitar not only playing and performing better for you but is also a process that helps increase the longevity and value of your instrument.

To get results that work for you we assess your style, technique and preferences,  For example, if you like low, quick action, we can  make the adjustments to your guitar to achieve the play-ability you are seeking, based on your instruments quality and ability. For example if you are after a meaty, chunky sound you may prefer a heavier gauge of strings, which may impact how the neck, bridge and nut are adjusted. It’s possible that you might like to play slide on this instrument, and that is a completely different set up.

Problems We See At Our Repair Shop

Tuning Issues are a common problem we work on here at the shop. Tuning issues can involve a number of things. Only a qualified technician can truly assess the guitar and determine which issues are impacting the tuning problem with your guitar.

Some of the leading problems are:

  • Nut: nut slots are not cut properly
  • String Trees : strings are catching 
  • Tuners: not performing properly 
  • Strings :incorrectly installed
  • Truss Rod :not set properly
  • Guitar not set up properly

My Set Ups are $60 and include:

  • Removing old Strings
  • Cleaning frets and board
  • String height adjustment at the nut
  • Tightening tuners and all loose parts
  • Adjusting the truss rod
  • Adjusting the intonation
  • Adjusting pick ups as needed
  • Adjusting the bridge
  • Conditioning the fret board
  • Cleaning all pots ( if dirty)
  • Restring (strings not included in price)
  • Over all inspection of the instrument 

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