Repair Or Replace Your Tuners At Our Guitar Shop

Tuners are not usually at fault for your tuning issues. It is most often the nut (which is covered in another section). Typically when the owner is not happy with the tuners on their instrument its usually is based on the look or performance (gear ratio) of the tuners themselves. However, we do perform many tuner replacements because they may be old and hard to turn,  or of course broken.

There is no reason to change your tuners  unless these reasons apply. There are many different styles and features when considering which tuner to select.

If you are considering replacing or updating your tuners, or deciding on which tuners to use for a custom guitar build, there are a wide variety to choose from.  However, the experts at Rod Miller Guitars will work with you to determine which options work best.  For some guitars you will have a limited choice based on the design of the guitar and in particular the head stock.