Re-Fret work
This is the kind of work that should be performed by a fret specialist, someone that has years worth of experience.Fretwork is performed at its best at RM guitars in Las Vegas.
You can pick from any size fret you prefer even stainless steel. 
This is extremely detailed surgery on your prized possession! 
I have been performing refrets and fretwork for over 40 years.
I also do par-shall refrets ( replacing only a few frets), I highly recommend very light planing of the fretboard after removing old worn out frets, ( if all frets are removed, not applicable if performing par-shall re-fret ).
Fretboards after time accumulate uneven areas on the fret board, it is always best if the uneven areas on the fret board are removed in most instances . Frets are then installed with precise radius and seating into fret slot and are also glued in for stability.This work is always followed up by a light fret level and polish .