Meet Rod Miller & His Guitar Repair Shop

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Rod started repairing and modifying guitars in his early teens out of necessity. At the age of 12, with a severe shortage of guitar techs in those days, Rod quickly found his calling and passion for working on guitars very early in life. As time went on he began doing advanced projects such as building guitars in high school wood shop. Soon his friends were taking notice and asking for help on their instruments, and so it began, this lead to a life long career in the guitar world .

Rod took his early experience and began working at a music store where he created a repair department. At that time Rod was also playing guitar in various bands in the northwest, and eventually ended up touring. Of course, the excitement and joy of playing out live and touring won and Rod was on the road playing.

The Beginning of Rod Miller Guitars Repair Shop…

After years of touring and continuing to work on guitars and basses while on the road, Rod eventually moved to Las Vegas in 2002 only to find out that not much was happening in the guitar repair world. So he worked at some local music stores for a period of time to get acclimated to the local music scene and meet some local clientele. His desire to manage and repair guitars full time under his own company led him to the opening of Rod Miller Guitars, which is a full repair and restoration service center.

Rod Miller Guitars repairs instruments for many local and national musicians and bands, including 5 Finger Death PunchGreg Howe, Rock of Ages, Barry Manilow, Tesla, Hell Yeah, StyxGuns and Roses, Rick Springfield, and many more.

Rod has been repairing stringed instruments for over 30 years and treats all instruments as his own. Feel free to call or come to the shop and meet with Rod personally.  He can repair your instrument and get it back into your hands in a time friendly fashion with a budget that works for you!


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Along with being a master guitar repairman and builder, Rod also plays lead guitar in Las Vegas’ Premier Classic Rock Band, Phoenix, where they have entertained locals and tourists for years on the Las Vegas strip!  For more information on his band please visit: http://phoenix2005.com/