Truss Rod Adjustments At Our Guitar Repair Shop

Truss rod repair varies from instrument to instrument, depending on what has failed and on what style of neck. For example a Fender neck is much different from Gibson neck. We do a lot of truss rod work, especially from owners who have attempted to adjust the their own truss rods without either the proper tools, knowledge or both.

We often see truss rods that have been set to the wrong tension, threads stripped out, or the nut rounded off. But most often too loose referred to as under bow ( this is due to string tension ). Making the instrument harder to play in the middle of the neck , more so than on each end . This is a task best left to a professional that knows how to set the truss rod to the right tension with the right tools . There are many variables that impact the neck when adjusting the truss rod such as the string tension which is attributed to string gauges , different tuning , etc. setting the truss properly will highly impact the play-ability and intonation of the instrument.

We will make sure to provide you a complete analysis of your guitar’s status before we do any adjusting or repair work. We use specific tools to measure the neck as well as perform our own visual test of the neck, followed by a playing test to check for play-ability and performance.